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Grand Republic Cocktail Club

September 17, 2019

Photoshoot for “Grand Republic Cocktail Club” located at Greenpoint.

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Nautical bar through and through.

19 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11222

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Tumble toward the water on Greenpoint Avenue, and on the last block before Transmitter Park things get quieter and darker. It’s on this western edge you’ll notice a lure of blue-and-green globe string lights, trailing into a long swoop of reclaimed wood, and a bar backlit in gold. This is Grand Republic Cocktail Club. To be certain, this is a nautical bar, with details tastefully reinforced by low beams coiled in rope, compass clocks, prints and engravings of ships, sharks and octopi. But it’s no put-on or theme — GRCC is bartender Johnny Swet’s brainchild and baby, a loving manifestation of his years in the Navy, his affection for uncomplicated dive bars, and his appetite for skilled cocktails. Swet, also responsible for the cocktail programs at the Oscar Wilde Bar and Jimmy, brings a tide of tuned-up classics and innovations to please native tipplers — although avoid the truffle martini at all costs. For fresh-and-fruity-but-wintery, try the Bondsman, a brandy-and-cider concoction speared in cinnamon. For sunnier dreams, go for the dark, sweet Chicha Morada with tequila and fruity punch. For sunny days, there’s an ample backyard framed in brick and ivy.

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